If, while traveling scotland, you were to take a photo every step of the way, you'd not waste a frame.

During the 8 days of travel I averaged over 100 photos per day! The land is beautiful, the folks we met were just great and, in some cases, we could even understand them.

As you can see, I've split the photos into 4 groups. I hope you enjoy them.

We arrived in Aberdeen a week before the start of the G8 conference and made a mad dash to Edinburgh in hopes of getting there before the madness set in. Unfortunately, we were too late and had to bypass that old city. The photos in this section represent the farmland around Dundee, Glasgow, and Aberdeen.

We heard someone on the radio describe the Highlands as "stark"! What a misconception! The hills were alive with flora, "verdant" would have been a better description. Everywhere you looked life abound whether it was heather, trees, grass or moss it was alive and thriving. The low hanging clouds and mists lent an air of mystery and it was not hard to imagine that time had passed this natural beauty up and left it in place for those who would venture to see it.

The one thing I wanted to do while in Scotland was to attend the Highland games. Something about grown men throwing telephone poles has attracted me since I first saw it. Fortunately the only games taking place, while we were there, were in Glengarry. This is a small community close by Loch Ness and their games were a family affair. Those of you from rural America can imaging the county fairs where the 4H kids are a prominent factor along with all the ladies' groups and family participation. I've attempted to capture this feeling in this small photo sampling of the day.

The Isle of Skye is separated from the mainland by a narrow channel. The bridge connecting the island with the mainland made a beautiful photo. The castle of the McLeod's guards the Northwest coastline but, unfortunately, Ian wasn't present while we were there.