In June of 2009 Barb and I hopped on a plane to Italy and spent the next two weeks visiting different cities. Planes, trains, buses, boats, a rental car and even a gondola moved us around this area of the world in, what became, for the most part, an ecclesiastical adventure. It seems that you can't explore Italy without including the churches. Their architecture, art, sculpture, and history are just so ingrained with the land that the two have become one. Sure, there are other sights to see but none are very far from a church.

The new Nikon D90 does 5 frames a second. I only took 1,600 photos so I could have done this whole trip in about 5 minutes and saved a lot of shoe leather.

The photos are loosly arranged by city. I hope you enjoy them.

Around Lake Garda
The Etschtal Valley