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Years ago I hung up my cameras because I couldn't make a living doing what I loved and didn't love what I had to do to make a living! That was almost 30 years ago.

In the Spring of 2004 I bought a Fuji S7000 digital camera to test the waters and see if, once again, I could do what I loved without the expense of processing the photos. While the S7000 was not the best camera on the market I was satisfied with the results. I was having fun!

In the Spring of 2009, just before the Italy trip, I upgraded to a Nikon D90. A superb piece of equipment for the serious amature. I've got the 18/55 lens and it has served me well under most conditions. In 2011 I added the 70-300 Nikor zoom and have been having a ball.

Then, just this year (2016), I sold the D90 and bought a D750 with the 24-120mm zoom. The 70-300 is still around and I'll be getting the Sigma 105mm Macro soon. There are good things to come so stay tuned.

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"Looking At, Looking At Greece"
photo album 09
Florida & Epcot Center
photo album 03
The Portals of Chios
photo album 01
Chios & Lesvos
photo album 02
Grecian Images
photo album 04
The Big Easy
photo album 05
The Highlands of Scotland
photo album 07
Sofia, Bulgaria & The Black Sea
photo album 06
The Isle of Crete
photo album 08
North Eastern Italy
photo album 12
A Rainy Vienna, Austria
photo album 10
Bratislava: A work in progress
photo album 11
The Isle of Samos
photo album 13
Ancient Heraion
photo album 14
The Isle of Patmos & More
photo album 15
Ancient Ephesus
photo album 16
The Isle of Skyros
photo album 17
Istanbul, Turkey
photo album 18
The Isle of Kefalonia
photo album 19
The Isle of Thassos
photo album 20
Ireland 2015
photo album 21